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Pros & Cons of Keyless Locks

At Holmes Building Materials we have both the products and knowledge for you to realize your home’s best security.

What are the pros and cons of keyless locks?

Keyless locks work by pushing in a numbered code on a keypad. They are convenient but are they secure? For many years, these locks have become very popular in Baton Rouge and we are constantly asked are they better than a traditional key lock system, easy to install, safe, expensive? As with any modern technology, there are pros and cons to be examined before switching to a new keyless locking system for your home.


There are 3 main benefits for choosing to buy a keyless door lock system for your home and why they are a great safe option when it comes to locking your home:

1. Key Not Required!

The number one reason that someone will switch their traditional locks to keyless ones is doing away with the need to carry a house key. When you have a keyless entry, you don’t worry about losing or misplacing your key. Simply punch in the code and open the door.

2. Code Access

Another advantage of a keyless entry system is that you don’t worry about making extra keys for relatives or even visitors. All you need to do is give them the access code, and instructions on how to lock and unlock the door properly.

3. Virtual Keys

Want to know who comes in and out of your home and when? You can program multiple codes for each family member, relative, or friend. This way you know who has accessed your home while you were out.


The benefits of keyless entry listed above might make it seem like the best option for home security but you also need to consider the problems with keypad door locks. We’ve listed the most common issues below:

1. Hackers

Just like any piece of technology that has a password, there is the possibility of a hacker gaining access to it. There are hackers out there that can hack into the system or even just guess the code. Sometimes it is simply a teenage family member giving the code to a friend.

2. Cost

A keyless locking system can easily cost double that of a traditional system. Cost of course will vary but the customer should expect to pay more for the convenience keyless locks provide. Locksmiths may charge a premium to install them as well

3.  Power Failure

Since a keyless entry lock is electrical it can stop working, batteries don’t last forever, therefore leaving you locked out of your home or not able to lock the door when leaving. They do have a warning system but that lasts only a certain time.

Is a Keyless Entry Locking System Right for You?

There are many things to consider when deciding whether keyless locks are right for your home. You should think about who will be using the door and whether they will have problems getting in and out of the house because of the type of lock you choose. The purpose of keyless door locks is to make your life easier. It is good to do your research on different brands of keyless entry locks, making sure that you pick the best system for your home and situation. This is where we at Holmes Building Materials come in, we can help you sort out the different issues and guide you to the best decision.  

Source: LockStar